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One of the few existing photographs of a Lusca in its natural habitat.

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The Lusca (aka: Sharktopus) is a very dangerous and unusual breed of aquatic creature.


The Lusca has a head and body that resembles a great white shark and the hooked tentacles of a cephalopod. These creatures have spiny gills, thick rough scales, an armored plate on its snout, and powerful jaws with numerous rows of teeth. The Lusca's main body is ten to fifteen feet long with tentacles that are twice that length.


Not much is known about the Lusca, other than the fact that it seems to roam the water around the subtropic regions of Primus and attacks most other kinds of water creatures. It normally doesn't attack ships, but anyone daring to enter the water when a Lusca is around almost definitely provokes the creature. It will then most likely try to grab/hit the victim and swallow them whole. A few stories caught the attention of scientists, claiming, that the beast is able to release a ley-infused roar, building up a water current similar to a Slipstream, though no one has been entirely able to prove this frightening theory.

Once a year these creatures move to the quite sea present around the Ether Tropics, during what some belive is the Lusca's mating season. There have been no recorded sightings of a young Lusca, so if and how this species reproduces is unknown.

Trivia & LoreEdit

  • Should a Lusca decide to attack a sea vessel, it is recommended to search for edible cargo to distract the creature, as it seems to value the small amounts of food higher than the whole vessel itself.
  • Ancient scripture suggests that this creature's ancestors lived in The Old World, explaining the Lusca's odd appaerence.
  • A white subspecies is said to live around Whiterun Bay near Pingwin.

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