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Wtwe komaga by vanhiko-d5casou

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Komagas (aka: Buru, Prarie Drakes, Rakair) are wingless, savage reptiles native to a few flatland praries and grasslands.


At first glance, the Komaga looks like nothing more than an overgrown lizard with dark gray scaly skin. However, a closer look reveals some major differences.

The Komaga is about ten times the size of an adult pony and they have stocky, muscular bodies atop four thick legs with white claws. Their legs aren't splayed to the side like smaller lizards' legs, but held under their body like those of a pony. Their front legs end in something like a hand, a huge paw with long fingers and even longer claws. The back legs end in flatter, shorter paws with duller, shorter claws. The Komaga's long tail ends in a tapering tip similar to a whip.

These creatures have a medium-length neck, again different from a small lizard's, at the end of which is a long yet thick head ending in a rounded snout. Komagas have dull yellow eyes with slit pupils on the sides of their heads and they have jaws that are filled with two rows of serrated, dagger-like teeth. Komagas possess neither horns nor wings and, when attacked or threatened, they can rear up on their hind legs to reveal the true scale of their massive size.




  • Komagas are most notorious in Gildedale, where their annual stampedes have defined the residents' lifestyles as a constant struggle against them.
  • Dale legend claims they are dragons punished by their gods with the loss of their wings and fire who have, over time, degraded into mindless, slavering beasts.
  • Komagas have unique, gold-colored blood.
  • The leather armor of the Daleguard is made from the skins of these creatures.

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